1. Other programs make you sit through days of unnecessary fluff-filled training before they give you your certification, just to give the illusion that you're getting more value than you actually are and to justify their overpriced tuition fees - At LOALCA we respect your time and provide you with 5-star life coach training and your certification in just one convenient day.

2. Other programs teach the same outdated life coaching techniques that don't work - at LOALCA you'll get leading edge coaching methods designed to meet the needs of today's progressive generation, which includes the law of attraction, neural science and more.

3. Other programs use instructors that have never built a successful life coaching practice - at LOALCA our instructors are award winning celebrity life coaches that have successful international life coaching practices and an industry shattering 90% client success rate.

4. Other programs have 30 to 50 students per class which makes it impossible to get the personalized attention you need - at LOALCA we limit our class size to just 10-students in order to ensure that you get that personalized attention you need and deserve.

5. Once you get your certification from other programs you're pretty much on your own - at LOALCA once you get certified that's just the start. We provide you with 24/7 unlimited lifetime support for FREE. Our goal is to build a lifelong relationship with you and to be there for you throughout your entire career holding your hand and guiding you to success every step of the way.

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