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Life Coach Certification Class Recording

Get a Free recording of the course when you take the life coach certification class at LOALCA

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Get a free recording of your training

All LOALCA graduates will receive a complimentary video recording for your training

"Life Coach Certification Class Video" Why you need it

Life coach certification class recording is an extremely valuable thing to have if you want to become a successful life coach. With a recording of your training, you can review it whenever you want so that you can develop a mastery of its content, long after the actual class is completed. It's also great to have in case you missed something during the class.

Here is the problem with other program's class recordings

Unfortunately, most programs won't provide you with a recording of your training when you take their life coach training and certification course. This means you won't get a chance to review and master the material covered in the course and you may end up forgetting most of it. And if they do provide you with a recording, odds are they will charge you for it. But not at LOALCA.

Why You'll Love LOALCA's Recording Policy

When you take the one-day life coach training and certification class at LOALCA you will also receive a life coach certification class recording. And you will also receive an audio recording of the class as well. In addition, you will get it at no additional charge because we care about your success and want you to master the material.

But Wait, There's More...

At LOALCA we know the training you will receive will be priceless to you and we are passionate about your success. And this is why we will also allow you to re-take the live life coach training and certification class anytime you feel you need a refresher. And you can retake it for absolutely free, as many times as you want, whenever you want.



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