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Get free additional monthly training at loalca

Once you complete our 1-day course and get certified you'll also get additional monthly training for free

"Bonus Monthly Trainings" Is a must have for coaches

Once you become a life coach it's extremely important that you keep expanding your skills and knowledge as a coach. The more you do this, the more effective you will keep becoming as a life coach. And the more effective you keep becoming the more value you can provide clients and the more your practice will grow.

Here is the problem with most life coach programs

Most life coach training & certification programs will not provide you with bonus monthly trainings once you complete their initial course. And once again if they do, they will typically charge you more money for it. Your ability to keep evolving as a new life coach will depend on your bank account. And not everybody can afford that.

Here's why you'll love LOALCA's Bonus trainings

At LOALCA, when you register and complete our one-day life coach training & certification course, you will also get free monthly bonus online life coach training for absolutely free. Each month we will have a different topic that will help you to keep developing and mastering your coaching skills and keep growing your practice.

But Wait, There's More...

If you have a particular topic that you would like to discuss in the free bonus monthly online trainings all you have to do is submit them to our team and we will address i that month. You can ask questions, or even lead a training session if you have something to share or just want to develop you presentation skills.



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