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Meet The Best Life Coach Instructors

Anthony & Melanie Clark "The Amazing Clarks" are award winning celebrity life coaches and world-famous life coaches to the Stars

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Best Life Coach Instructors

They call them the Amazing Clarks because they empower people to live amazing lives

Husband & Wife Coaching Duo

Celebrity Life Coaches to the Stars

24 Years of Coaching Experience

Amazon Best Selling Authors

Stars of Hit Podcast "The Amazing Clarks

90% Client Success Rate

LOALCA, is founded and taught by award-winning life coaches Anthony and Melanie Clark - also known as "The Amazing Clarks."

With over 22 years of experience empowering individuals to live amazing lives, their expertise has led them to become the best life coach certification instructors.

Their approach, which combines science and spirituality, has been featured on TV shows such as OWN Network's Black Love and Dr. Drew,

The Amazing Clarks have worked with a wide range of individuals, including US Congressmen, platinum artists, and Fortune 500 CEOs. With a 90% client success rate and international bestselling books, they are considered the two of the best life coach teachers in the industry.

Their Amazing Clark's dynamic and engaging instruction is designed to provide you with tangible advice and real-world assignments that get results.

The Clark's are life coach certification trainers that are committed to delivering the highest quality training, leaving you confident and equipped to help others achieve their goals.

The Clarks Have a PHD in Getting Results

Over the last 12-years the Amazing Clarks have trained and mentored hundreds of successful life coaches

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At LOALCA, we believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life.

Join us for our one-day life coach training and certification course and let us help you become the best version of yourself. Register now and take the first step towards an amazing future with the best life coach instructors and trainers at LOALCA.

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