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Testimonial Questions

“Life coach course testimonials.” Want to be a life coach? If, so have you been researching life coach certification programs? If you have that’s good news. But I’m sure it’s a hard choice. Especially since there’s so many options to choose from. And they all claim to be great. So, how do you know who’s telling the truth? Well there’s no way to be 100% certain. But the best way is to watch their life coach course testimonials.

The Problem

Yes, a lot of life coach programs use client video testimonials. And they use them to get you to believe in their products or services. Yet in a lot of cases they are fake. Either they are scripted. Or they use actors. As a result, you can end up choosing a inferior life coach program. All because you got fooled by a fake testimonial. The secret is to look for genuine emotions and excitement. Because it’s hard to stage or script. Likewise, be leery of over produced, polished testimonials. You want down to earth authenticity.

The Solution

Hello, we are the “Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy” (LOALCA). We believe that our life coach certification program is one of the best you will find. At LOALCA you’ll get world class life coach training and your certification on Zoom in just 1-day. In addition, we have certified over 3,000 successful life coaches since 2010. But don’t just take our word for it. Hence checkout our client testimonials. There’s no way you can deny their genuine excitement and joy. If you want to feel what they feel, sign up for our next class.


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