How to Life Coach in Just 3 Easy Steps

If you want to be a life coach or just learn to life coach yourself here is how we do it.

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How to life coach yourself or someone else? We are Anthony & Melanie Clark and we've been training and certifying people that want to become life coaches for 12 years. If you love life coaching like we do, here is our 3-step life coaching process that we teach our students to follow when coaching. We call it the "E-A-R" process. It works amazingly well for all of them as well as for us. And we believe it will for you too.

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How to life coach? We'll, before you start helping your client find solutions to their "problem" you must first understand their problem. This includes EXPOSING as many of their perspectives, perceived challenges, fears, doubts, insecurities, and limiting beliefs surrounding that problem. You want to expose it all and bring it to the surface. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. This is the first process we call "Exposure." Once you complete this process with your coaching client, move on to the next process, "ACCEPTANCE."

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Congratulations, your coaching client completed the EXPOSURE process. The next step is ACCEPTANCE. Whenever we don't accept "what is," it creates energetic resistance within us, that pushes back against us and makes matters worse. You will still help your client change it, but they must first make peace with it (acceptance). Otherwise, the problems will keep coming back. Help them to see the blessings in the lessons and to make peace, forgive, and let go. Once you complete this process with your coaching client move onto the next process, REWARD.

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Congratulations, you completed the first two processes. Now you're ready to move your coaching client towards the "REWARD.". The Reward is the desired goal that your client initially hired you to help them achieve. This is where you use your life coaching intuition or training (or both). This is the last and final stage of our E-A-R process if you want to know, how to life coach.



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Why does the Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy matter? It’s transformative to both the coach and client — the life coach is able to partake in a career they are fulfilled in, while watching clients move through limiting beliefs and issues they’ve once battled.

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