Life coach certification in Charlotte North Carolina

There is a crisis with life coach certification in Charlotte North Carolina

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The Charlotte certification crisis…

Are you considering getting your life coach certification in Charlotte North Carolina? If so, that’s a really smart move. Life coaching is a great career, as well as fun. But surveys show that the majority of the life coach certification classes in Charlotte offer outdated training. And because of this, Charlotte life coaches also have a lower client success rate. And unfortunately they make a lot less money as a result. But survey’s also show that a lot of these coaches don’t actually care. They don’t mind inadequate training as long as they get their certificate. If that works for you, great. But if it doesn’t I have great news. You can finally get world class certification in Charlotte NC.

I fell in love with Charlotte…

Southern California has the best life coach certification and training courses in the world. This is why so many people from Charlotte fly all the way to California to get certified. My name is Anthony Clark, the founder of the Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy. We are located in Long Beach California. People fly in from Charlotte all the time to take our award winning life coach certification class. A few years ago I went to visit my mother who moved to Charlotte. As a result I fell in love with the southern hospitality, BBQ, and sweet tea. So when our company decided to offer our classes in other states, hence I immediately chose Charlotte. And now we are here.

About Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy…

Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy has been in business for 7 years. Since then we have trained and certified 700 students. We believe you should get it done fast, and get it done right. Therefore we offer one of the best 1-day life coach certification classes in the country. You can attend this class live in person. You can even attend live online as well. We offer a full money back guarantee. Also, all graduates get an additional 6 months of continued training online for FREE.