Biggest Mistakes New Life Coaches Make

Biggest Mistake New Life Coaches Make #1 "Not getting certified"

Want to become a life coach? If so, did you know that in most states you don't need to be certified in order to be a working life coach? It's true, This, is why some new life coaches never get certified and that's a big mistake. In this blog I'll tell you 3 reasons why it's a bad mistake and why it's smart to get certified if you're a new life coach.

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We all start as a new life coach. And even if you're a talented, some potential clients will still be hesitant to hire you if you don't have credibility as a life coach. Why would they? How can they tell if you're a competent life coach or not? This is the first reason why you should get certified. As a new life coach, it gives you that needed credibility right out of the gate. This means you'll get more customers, and your life coaching practice will take off faster.



Here is the 2nd reason it's smart to get certified if you're a new life coach. You'll get more media & press attention. As a life coach there are a number of ways to grow your practice and using media is one of the fastest and easiest ways. Being branded as an expert guest featured on TV, radio, social media, and print magazines, etc. can be a goldmine in exposure which results in more clients and business opportunities. But if you are not certified, you will be overlooked or denied those opportunities. In general, the media industry only works with certified life coaches, it's smart to get certified.



So here is the last and final reason why it's smart to get certified if you're a new life coach. Certified life coaches can charge more for their services than uncertified life coaches. You have more perceived value if you are certified coach, than an uncertified coach. Mainly because you invested in your training and education and are considered an expert in your field. Therefore, you can charge higher fees, attract a higher clientele, and create a higher end life coaching practice. So, if you are a new life coach, don't make this mistake. Get your life coach certification.

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