3-great group coaching tips

3 Great Tips for Group Coaching

Want to host a group coaching session? Feeling nervous and not sure what to do? We are Anthony & Melanie Clark, certified celebrity Life Coaches, husband & wife duo, and founders of "Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy.," We have conducted hundreds of group coaching sessions over the last 22-years. And although each situation is different, based on our experience here are our 3-great tips for group coaching....


1. Create a Safe Space

What makes a group coaching session great is when the members share their feelings, support and encourage one another, and form a bond. That's when the magic happens.

In order to do this, you must create a safe, non-judgmental environment that makes the group feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with one another. This starts by you taking the lead and being vulnerable first. Introduce yourself and talk about your challenges, and why the group is important to you. Then have each member do the same. After each person shares make sure everyone claps and thanks them for sharing. When you're vulnerable it gives the group permission to be vulnerable. Plus, it makes you more relatable and makes everyone else feel relaxed and connected.

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Our 2nd great tip for a group coaching session, is to have at least one main discussion topic or theme for the group.

Start the group coaching session by introducing the main topic and giving the group a basic understanding of what to expect Then create a safe space, let everyone introduce themselves and connect

Do a brief presentation on the main topic and encourage the group to ask questions and engage freely throughout it. Then give each group member a chance to discuss how they feel about the topic and how it relates to them. And finally, encourage the group to give and receive feedback from their fellow group members.

This is also your time to coach the group in real time and lead the conversation.


3. Do Exercises 

The 3rd great advice is to give exercises. People love to talk and listen in group coaching sessions but what they also love more is "doing." .

People in group coaching sessions love doing group coaching exercises (physical, mental, and emotional). Not only do exercises keep the group focused and n the moment, it helps them download what they learned,. it gives the group more value and makes it more memorable. Of course make sure the exercises you give are relevant to the theme. You can google "group coaching exercises," if you can't come up with exercise ideas on your own. Of course there's a lot more to group coaching sessions, but this was just to get you started. Hope you enjoyed it..

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